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Fall 2020 Virtual Learning Programs  
 The Metropolitan Opera Guild is taking two of its most popular classes online this fall! Registration and purchase for these programs begins Monday, September 14. 
Please visit or call 212.769.7028, Mon-Fri, 10AM-4PM. 

Online Opera Boot Camp: An Introduction to Operatic Singing
Designed by Dr. Naomi Barrettara, each lecture explores a different component
of what singers go through to train, develop, and care for their voices, giving
audiences an inside look at the nuts and bolts of the trade.

Part 1: Introductory Terminology and History
This lecture will cover basic terminology, the physiology of singing, and survey the history
of operatic singing over the course of several centuries.

Part 2: Career Paths and Training
This lecture will explore the career path and training that opera singers typically experience.

Part 3: Vocal Care and Vocal Growth
This lecture will examine vocal care and vocal growth and offer firsthand accounts of how current opera stars take care of their voices and examples of how singer’s voices have evolved and grown over time.

Part 4: Working with Vocal Coaches, Directors, and Conductors
The final installment of this Opera Boot Camp series will give audiences an inside look at the relationship between singers and their support network.

All course contents become available online on October 19, 2020. Registered participants will receive an email notification when those materials are available. Please note that, if you purchase after October 19, 2020, you will have access to all course contents immediately. Course materials will remain available to you for 60 days from the point at which you begin the class.

COURSE REGISTRATION: $100 Public | $85 Guild members and students

Presented by Naomi Perley

This fall, two of our popular score-reading classes will be held live via Thinkific, our online learning partner. The courses will delve into the musical highlights of an opera, giving beginner and intermediate readers the tools to explore the intricate workings of a score and experience a new way of listening to opera.

Digital copies of the annotated excerpts covered in class will be provided.
Registered participants will receive further instructions for log-in and participation in advance of each class.

Tuesday, October 13, from 5:30–7PM, Wagner's Tristan und Isolde
Saturday, December 12, from 10–11:30AM, Beethoven's Fidelio

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: $40—class and materials


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